My Story



Hi Gorgeous,


Welcome! My name is Hazel Herrera and I am the owner of SALT WAVE. In 2012, it wasn’t very easy to find salt therapy services in Canada at a reasonable price, especially in Ottawa. In 2014 I become a certified Halotherapist and I decided to become a member of The Salt Therapy Association in Boca Raton Florida. I trained and worked with a renowned hospital in Italy that specialized in Halotherapy. In 2016 I officially opened SALT WAVE, the very first salt therapy spa in Ottawa, and I was booked up in the first few weeks of opening! In 2017, I founded many programs to help with the health care needs of the most vulnerable families living in my community. I provided over 12,000 free salt therapy treatments over the course of three years. I generously donated to The Children's Hospital Of Eastern Ontario, The Canadian Cancer Society, Asthma Canada, Lupus Ontario, and The Lung Association. I was able to deliver these services to everyone in need of care thanks to many local organizations who graciously partner with me.



When the pandemic hit in 2020, I found a new way to serve my customers. We transformed a Mercedes Benz Sprinter into a beautiful mobile salt therapy room. As my company grew, so did my partnership with other amazing entrepreneurs. I decided to introduce my clients to the effectiveness of a salt room session in portable halogenorators like the ISR PRO Infinity Salt Air Machine. As the pandemic continued, the majority of my clients were working from home and were spending more and more time indoors. I received hundreds of text messages, emails, and phone calls asking for my recommendations on skin, bath, hair, and eyelash products. I knew it was time to enter into the world of E-Commerce. I choose to partner with Bathorium, the absolute best in bath products in Canada. These products reflected my customer's values, personalities, and lifestyles. My love for hair products started with a pair of Glam Seamless Tape-In Hair Extensions. In 2021 I became a certified Hair Tech and partnered with Glam Seamless. In the same year I took a course on lash extensions and became a Certified Lash Tech. I partnered with LLBA, the best lash company in Canada. I am currently studying to become a Medical Esthetician. I thank God, my family and friends for thier patients and incredible support. My Worthy Wands created by Amanda O'Reilly played a big role during my transition. My passion for both health and beauty products has been a big part of my life. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to bring the best of both worlds to you. 


SALT WAVE is now a successful Beauty E-Commerce business. I am continually tapping into innovations in the health and beauty industry. This year I plan to continue growing by adding some of my favorite products from Italy. I am here to bring the absolute best products and services to my clients, and after six years, I am just getting started! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my story, and I hope to meet you soon or see you soon in my new location!

Hazel Herrera Gazzetto